Season: 4. Episodes: 7.

We use court cam footage from true crime trials and condense the processes of the trial to about an hour. The evidence that leads to the conviction, including witness testimonies, fingerprints, DNA evidence, murder weapons and forensic pathologist reports are all included. Red herrings and false statements that perpetrators use to defend themselves are usually omitted.

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Faith Healing Homicide of their 16 yr. son, Neil

Season 4, Episode 7. Released 31st December 2021

Jeffrey and Marci Beagley were both members of the Followers of Christ Church, whose members have a lengthy history of child deaths from lack of medical care. The deaths influenced a 1999 law eliminating the religious freedom defense in some cases involving the welfare of a child.

At their 2010 trial, the Oregon City couple testified they knew their son Neil was ill two weeks before he died in June 2008 from complications of a urinary tract blockage.

The Beagleys also were present when their 15-month-old granddaughter died of complications from pneumonia and a blood infection, both treatable conditions, in March 2008.

“The court has the opportunity to deliver a clear message that this idea that one can let a child die while they’re praying without medical attention is not supportable,” prosecutor Greg  Horner said. “It must be addressed.”

Clackamas County Circuit Court Judge Steven Maurer sentenced Jeffrey and Marci Beagley to 16 months in prison with three years of post-prison supervision.

The sentences were later reduced by 98 days for good behavior.

The Oregon Court of Appeals denied an appeal from the Beagleys on June 19th 2013.

The Beagleys contended they had no legal duty to provide medical care for their child and that the judge who handled their case improperly allowed jurors to hear prejudicial testimony. The court, however, ruled that the evidence and jury instructions at the Beagleys’ trial were appropriate.

The couple argued that the trial court judge erroneously denied their motion to exclude the evidence relating to the death of their granddaughter 3 months previously. The appeals court disagreed.

“The fact that defendants had witnessed the death of another child due a to lack of medical care makes it more probable, not only that they did know that Neil was at risk, but that they should have known that Neil was at risk,” the court said.

The court also affirmed that the jury instructions were appropriate and Oregon’s criminal negligence statutes were correctly applied.

“The statutes permit a parent to treat a child by prayer or other spiritual means so long as the illness is not life threatening,” the appeals court said. “However, once a reasonable person should know that there is a substantial risk that the child will die without medical care, the parent must provide that care, or allow it to be provided, at the risk of criminal sanctions if the child does die.”

According to; "Theologically, the Followers of Christ church is a cult of Christianity. It’s extreme stance on faith healing is unbiblical, and places the church outside the boundaries of the Christian faith. Sociologically the church should also be considered a destructive cult, as its practices are harmful to its followers and/or their dependents." 

Chad Isaak

Quadruple Murder of RJR Employees 

Season 4, Episode 6. Released 1st December 2021

This Compressed trial available only on Patreon:

The Massacre occurred at the RJR Maintenance and Management workplace in Mandan, North Dakota on April 1st, 2019. 

The victims were:

Employee Adam Fuehrer, 42, Shot 3 times and stabbed 11 times.

Employee William (Bill) Cobb, 50, shot 8-10 times, stabbed 28 times.

Employee Lois Cobb (Bill’s wife), 45, shot once, stabbed 48 times.

Co-Owner Robert Fakler, 52, who was not shot, but received in excess of 20 stab wounds, including mutilating stab wounds to the front of the face.

Police Chief Jason Ziegler told reporters he could not say what the motive in the killings was.

The surviving co-owner and wife of Robert, Jackie Fakler, stated that Isaak lived in a trailer park managed by RJR Maintenance and Management, and that Robert wanted to talk to Isaak in the Fall of 2018 about snow removal in his mobile home park as Isaak had been doing it unpaid for the park in the years prior.

Isaak pleaded not guilty to four counts of murder and three other counts.

Jurors found Chad Isaak guilty on all counts and he now faces life in prison without parole.

Judge David Reich has scheduled Isaak to be sentenced on December 28th, 2021. The sentencing will occur in person at the Morton County Courthouse. 

James Addie

Murder of secret fiancé, Molly Watson

Season 4, Episode 5. Released 29th October 2021

35-year-old Molly Watson’s body was discovered near a creek bed in a rural area of Monroe County, Missouri, with what was later determined to be a gunshot wound to the head, on April 27 2018, 2 days before her upcoming wedding to then 51 year old James Addie.

James had been romantically involved with Molly for more than 6 years, and they had been planning the wedding for over a year.

Little did Molly know, but James was already married. He had been married with 2 children for 23 years to Melanie Addie, who also in the dark regarding James’ secret double life.

The prosecution alleges that James panicked 2 days before the impending nuptials and murdered Molly in a desperate last attempt to keep his double life concealed.

Addie is facing charges of first-degree murder and armed criminal action. 

Nathaniel Rowland

 Mistaken Uber ride murder of Samantha Josephson

Season 4, Episode 4. Released 27th September 2021

A dead body was found by turkey hunters dumped in a field in New Zion, South Carolina at approximately 4pm on the 29th of March, 2019. The body was covered in more than 100 lacerations and obviously a victim of homicide.

The body was later identified as Samantha Josephson, a 21 year old political science student at the University of South Carolina, and the search for her murderer began.

Samantha’s boyfriend had reported her missing after she had failed to read or respond to texts and snapchats from the early am hours of March 29th, 2019. He was suspicious due to this being completely out of character, and his suspicion escalated as he also tracked her phone leaving the bar in the wrong direction.

Samantha was out with friends in the Five Points area of Columbia that night, calling an Uber ride and leaving the Bird Dog bar at about 2am. CCTV footage showed her entering a black Chevrolet Impala at 2:09am, which departed with Samantha inside. The footage showed only the front of the vehicle, so the license plate was not able to be identified as only rear license plates have been required in South Carolina since 1975.

Samantha’s designated Uber ride had reported Samantha as a no-show and cancelled the ride.

The police were on the lookout for a car that matched the description of the one Samantha was seen entering in the CCTV footage.  After following a black Chevy Impala on March 30th, 2019, the car turned into a one-way street the wrong way and was pulled over by police. The occupant of the vehicle fled and managed to get away from the police, but was identified through the car registration as Nathaniel Rowland.

Police searched Nathaniel’s abandoned Chevy Impala, and found a container of liquid bleach, germicidal wipes, window cleaner, and a large amount of blood on the back seat.  A cell phone was also discovered, which was later identified as belonging to Samantha Josephson.

Investigators were led to Nathaniel’s girlfriend’s residence, where they discovered cleaning supplies and a bloodied two-bladed knife in a trash can out the back. The blood on the knife was later identified as belonging to Samantha Josephson.

Nathaniel Rowland was caught and arrested on the same day, March 20th, 2019. 

He was charged with kidnapping, murder, and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime in April 2019.

The trial was carried out in July of 2021. Nathaniel Rowland was found guilty of all charges after a very short jury deliberation, and sentenced to life imprisonment on July 28th, 2021. 

Bo Pete Jeffrey

Beating Murder of Ex-Wife, Lisa Jeffrey 

Season 4, Episode 3. Released 10th September 2021

2021 trial. Deputies were sent to a trailer park in Ocala, Florida after 48 year old Lisa Jeffrey was reported missing. Detectives spoke to Patience Burton during a wellbeing check, and she let them in to the Jeffrey’s trailer home.

That's where Lisa Jeffery’s body was discovered wrapped in bags in a storage compartment underneath the bed in the spare room.

The victim’s ex-husband, 55 year old Bo Pete Jeffrey, is charged with first-degree murder of Lisa Jeffrey, convicted and sentenced. 

Michelle Boat

Murder of Husband's Girlfriend, Tracy Mondabough

Season 4, Episode 2. Released 8th August 2021

2021 trial. Michelle Boat is accused of murdering Tracy Mondabough in May 2020. Boat’s husband of two decades, Nicholas, had left Michelle months earlier and had established a relationship with the victim.

Mondabough was found deceased from multiple stab wounds in a red truck belonging to Nicholas, outside their home on Glenwood street in Pella, Iowa.

Michelle Boat lived only a few minutes drive away from the murder scene.

Cristhian Bahena Rivera

stalking Murder of Mollie Tibbetts

Season 4, Episode 1. Released 12th July 2021

2021 trial. Cristhian Bahena Rivera is accused of fatally stabbing Mollie Tibbetts while she was out running in her hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa, in July of 2018.

Rivera was questioned after surveillance video showed his vehicle apparently following Tibbetts as she ran.

The victim’s body was discovered in a cornfield 5 weeks after her disappearance.

The following trial documents the State of Iowa vs. Rivera for the charge of first degree murder.