Season: 6. Currently running

We use court cam footage from true crime trials and condense the processes of the trial to about an hour. The evidence that leads to the conviction, including witness testimonies, fingerprints, DNA evidence, murder weapons and forensic pathologist reports are all included. Red herrings and false statements that perpetrators use to defend themselves are usually omitted. 

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Taylor Schabusiness

dismemberment of her paramour, Shad Thyrion

Season 6, Episode 1. Released September 16th, 2023

Taylor Denise Schabusiness is a wife and mother. 

Her toddler son is living with his grandparents in Texas. 

Her husband, Warren, is currently incarcerated for federal drug charges, 

and her father is locked away for second degree sexual assault of a child.

Taylor Schabusiness is on trial for the murder of her longtime friend and occasional paramour, Shad Thyrion.

Police were called to Thyrion’s mother’s home after his mother reported finding her son’s severed head in a bucket.